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Written by kathy on Sunday, 9 of August 2009 at 10:20 pm

We took our fifth annual trip to Ocean City, Maryland on Sunday, Aug. 2. When we left Jim Thorpe it was raining buckets, literally. The rain followed us all the way through Delaware and started to slow down at the tip of Maryland on US Rte 113. The bad weather added about 90 minutes to the usual 4 hour trip.

I’m reading Truman by David McCullough and was struck by McCullough’s continued references to bits of letters and notes left behind by Truman and his family and friends. It occurred to me that blogs are today’s letters and notes. Below are some notes I would have written down on paper had I the mind to actually bring any paper or pens with me to the beach!

This beautiful home is right on the beach and we passed it every day walking down the boardwalk. The URL caught my eye: too bad the owner hasn’t done anything with the Web site. I’d love to see what the home looks like on the inside.

Jacob asked me why there are so few homes in Ocean City. I told him the boardwalk used to be lined with beautiful homes like the one with as an Internet address but that over time the hotels came and bought up many of the homes. I told him we should appreciate the ones still standing.

We bought Jacob and William shark-tooth necklaces at Sunsations for $2.00. Jacob thinks it’s really cool.

We bought breakfast at the Commander‘s restaurant, Skipjack Grill. It was okay. This was our second year at the Commander and we spent a little more to stay on the first floor. Not having to use the elevator was well worth the extra dough. The Commander is one of those older hotels that’s been remodeled. There were pictures of the original hotel in our room that show an uncrowded boardwalk with actual open space.

Of course we went back to Phillip‘s for seafood. Jacob ate carb legs. William had a corn dog. Nikolas ate whatever anyone else had on his/her plate and then some.

We rented bikes at the 14th St. Bike Rental. Each bike was $6 except mine which was $8, $2 more for the baby seat.

We ate Dunkin Donuts for three days straight.

Trimpers rides were probably the best back in the day. Now, they are just okay. We spent $9 for me and the two boys to visit the Haunted House. I noticed one of the mummies had only thumbs. You’d think Trimper, at $3 a head, could afford to replace the poor guy’s hands!

We needed milk one night for Nikolas’ bottle and coughed up $11 for two half-gallons. Yes ELEVEN DOLLARS! The Boardwalk Convenience Store (BCS for short) doesn’t have a Web site.

Nikolas’ Orange Floaties were purchased at the Commander’s Outrageous Beach Outlet for $2.99 and his big orange bucket with a yellow shovel was $4.99.

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