Things I do that would drive my mom nuts

Written by kathy on Saturday, 20 of June 2009 at 7:48 pm

My mom was a stickler for how to do things “right.” She was a perfectionist and what other people thought about her and her family meant a lot to her. So, she spent a lot of time doing things “right.” I sometimes wonder what she would say about how I do things now that I have three children, a house, a husband and a dog. I know she would definitely tell me what she thought and I really miss having that input.

So, mom, here are some things I do that I know would definitely drive you crazy if you were alive today:

1. I don’t make the kids’ beds every morning and neither do they.

2. I don’t give them baths every night.

3. I do the laundry when it’s overflowing, not just on Saturdays.

4. We often let the dishes air dry.

5. We always use the clothes dryer, even in the summer.

6. I take long showers.

7. I let Jacob take long showers.

8. I don’t use coupons (okay, I don’t even do the grocery shopping – Brian does it!)

9. We let the kids play on the computer.

10. We let the boys have a television in their room

11. They even have a pet turtle now!

12. I don’t clean the bathrooms every Saturday.

13. We give the dog table scraps.

Mom, we do tell our kids we love them everyday several times a day and we tell them how important their family is. We do visit Grandma and Grandpa regularly so the boys know their grandparents and understand who their family is. We do talk about you although they really don’t understand who you are and why you’re not here. We go to every baseball practice and game. Brian coaches their teams just like you did for me when I was in cheerleading.

I think you’d be proud even if our laundry may overflow on a Saturday night and our beds are a pile of blankets. Your intentions were understood and we do have a happy family.

Thanks Mom.

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